How to Make a Toy Flagpole With a Pulley

Many kids like to hoist a flag up and down a flagpole, but they do not really understand how the pulley system works. Making a toy flagpole with a pulley system is an interesting way to show kids how the flag comes up and down, why sometimes the flag gets stuck and what to do about it.

Screw the pulley system to the top of the 3-inch diameter wooden dowel.

Measure down the dowel to a comfortable point at which to secure the flag rope end. Screw in the short dowel perpendicular to the flagpole at this point. This will serve as an anchor for the flag rope end.

Cut enough parachute cord to thread through the pulley and the flag. Thread the pulley mechanism first in a loop and then add the flag. Make sure the flag goes up and down smoothly.

Cut a 3-inch diameter hole in the wooden base piece with a router. Place the flagpole snugly into the base, and ensure that the ensemble sits level on the floor.

Raise the flag and wrap the rope around the wooden dowel anchor to secure it.


You can paint the toy flagpole bright colors or paint it silver to resemble metal. Add an ornament such as an eagle on top to cap off the flagpole.