How to Make Slime With Borax

The next time your children are bouncing off the walls on a rainy day, you can make slime to entertain them and teach them something about science at the same time 1. When borax powder is mixed with white glue and water, it creates a polymer substance somewhere between a solid and a liquid, much like gelatin or chewing gum. Be sure to use mixing materials that are disposable to avoid ruining dishes.

Mix together two tablespoons white glue and two tablespoons water in a jar or bowl. Stir well with a plastic spoon and put aside.

Mix a tablespoon of borax powder into a cup of water in a separate bowl or jar. Stir with a plastic spoon until dissolved.

Pour two tablespoons of the borax and water solution into the glue and water solution. Mix well. Continue adding small amounts of the borax solution to the glue solution until it forms a gooey ball that cannot absorb any more borax.

Add a bit more borax solution if the slime is too sticky, and a bit more glue if the slime is too wet. You may need to experiment with adding a bit more or less to get the correct slimy consistency.

Play with your slime, being careful not to get it on carpeted areas. Store it in a resealable plastic bag until you want to use it again.


If desired, you can make colored slime by adding food coloring to the glue and water mixture before mixing in the borax solution.


Supervise young children to be sure they don't eat the slime.