How to Make a Simple LEGO Boat

A simple Lego boat can be constructed from 15 basic pieces, without the assistance of an expensive and elaborate professionally boxed kit. While the boat is small and lacks some of the fancier features of a kit-built boat, it is functional and can be easily made and used by children. The required pieces are readily available in almost every basic and complex Lego kit, making a simple Lego boat an affordable way to engage a child’s imagination.

Connect a 2-by-4 brick to one edge of the 2-by-8 plate, lengthwise, so that one row of two hangs over the end of the plate. Place a 2-by-2 brick on the plate, directly against the larger brick. Place another 2-by-4 brick on the opposite side so that one row hangs off the other end of the plate.

Place three 2-by-4 bricks lengthwise above the bricks from Step 1. One row should hang over on either side.

Position one 2-by-4 brick lengthwise on one end of the boat assembly, with one row hanging over the edge. Place a 3-by-2 brick immediately behind it.

Create a stack of six 2-by-1 bricks. Attach the stack to the boat assembly in the center of the 3-by-2 brick.

Bend the legs of a Lego person and sit him on the lower deck behind the stack of 2-by-1 bricks 2. Position his arms outward like he is captaining the ship.