How to Make a Railroad Track Craft for Preschool

Many preschoolers love making craft projects or building their own creations out of familiar objects. Teachers or parents teaching about trains can allow preschoolers to build their own train tracks. Once built, the children can use the tracks for their toy trains or paper trains 2. Parents and teachers should remember that many preschoolers need assistance with craft projects, but enjoy the chance to make creative choices and be independent.

Set out butcher paper or construction paper. Children can make long train tracks that run across the room with large butcher paper or smaller tracks with construction paper. If you plan on using construction paper, use the larger size paper (9”X12”) to give the children more room to create their tracks.

Instruct children to design their wooden sticks using crayons, markers or stamps. The number of sticks will depend on the size of the paper that you choose.

Hand out paper and instruct children to glue two horizontal lines approximately three inches apart. Learning to glue is a valuable preschool skill and children should be given freedom with this portion of the project.

Instruct children to glue their remaining wooden sticks vertically, connecting the two horizontal lines to create a train track.

Have children run plastic toy trains over the tracks once the glue is dried. Preschoolers can also choose to draw trains directly on their project.


Allow children to be creative in designing their train tracks. It’s okay if the train tracks do not look like standard tracks.