How to Make Kids Feel Safe in Their Bedrooms

Remember when you were a kid? The days were filled with playing with friends, watching television and playing with toys. Your life was great, unless you got scared. Kids get scared when they feel unsafe. This usually happens at bedtime. Their room gets dark, they are in their bedroom all alone, and who knows what kinds of monsters lay waiting underneath the bed. Bedtime should be a time of relaxation and comfort. There are a few things you can do to help your child feel safe and comforted.

Provide a night light at night. If the child is in complete darkness, her imagination can run wild. A night light allows her to see what is really in her room.

Give your child a stuffed toy to take to bed with her. A teddy bear is a common toy kids take to bed. He can snuggle with the teddy bear to feel better.

Allow the family cat or dog to sleep with your child. The family pet is a friend to your child. Your child will feel better knowing she is not alone at night.

Check underneath the bed and inside the closets for monsters, before bedtime. This way you have already checked for monsters, and you can tell her you are certain there are no monsters anywhere.

Decorate the room to create a calming atmosphere. Soft colors, like pastels, are good color choices for a bedroom. Put away toys before bedtime as well. A clutter-free room gives the child a sense of order, which may calm anxiety.

Let your child know exactly where you are at, in case he gets scared. If it gets too bad, let him know he can come get you. This will make him aware that you are there to protect him.


Never scold your child for being scared.