How to Make Color Mixing Bottles for Preschool

Because preschoolers are known to have a short attention span, teaching them new things must often be done in a fun manner. Learning the primary and secondary colors is one of the essential parts of preschool. To help young children learn their colors, have them make color-mixing bottles. These bottles display the primary colors, and show what happens when you mix two of these colors together. They are a good educational tool and are fun to make at the same time.

Remove the label of a 16-ounce, empty, plastic water bottle.

Fill the bottle with 6 ounces of water.

Drip two drops of blue food coloring liquid into the water with a dropper.

Pour 6 ounces of mineral oil into a bowl. Use colorless vegetable oil as an alternative.

Apply two drops of red food coloring liquid to the oil. Stir the oil with a spoon so it mixes with the color and turns red.

Place a funnel in the bottle opening, and pour the red-colored oil into the bottle with the blue-colored water.

Coat the inside of the bottle cap with a heavy-duty instant glue, and screw it onto the bottle.

Shake the bottle to mix the blue and red liquids, so it becomes purple. Put the bottle down and watch the colors separate; the red oil will be on top of the blue water.

Mark the bottles with the colors of the liquids and the color it turns into when you shake it.


Mix yellow with blue to make the color green, and mix red and yellow to get an orange color.

Add one or two more drops of food coloring to the liquids if you prefer darker colors.