How to Make a Blessing Tree for a Baby

Friends and family can give their prayers, blessings and messages of well-wishing to the mom-to-be and her baby with an adorable blessing tree -- which is a perfect addition to a baby shower. You can make a creative blessing tree without breaking the bank, incorporating the event's color scheme into the craft to enhance the baby shower decor. When the shower is over, the new mom will have a gift that's a perfect memory of the day and something she can treasure for years to come.

Lay the branches or twigs on a newspaper-covered surface and spray or brush on a coat of white primer. Let it dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the branches are completely covered with the primer. If you missed any sections, rearrange the branches and spray or brush on more primer.

Spray paint the branches with your choice of colors. You can use a single color or make the branches different colors to coordinate with the baby shower's color scheme. To blend in with any color scheme, paint the branches with silver or gold metallic paint. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Attach a small silk flower to the end of each branch with a hot glue gun. The flowers should blend in seamlessly, not stand out as the main feature of the blessing tree. If you can't find flowers small enough to blend nicely, opt for silk leaves instead. Spray-paint the flowers or leaves to blend in with the branches and allow the paint to dry.

Fill the bottom of a large vase about one-third full of rocks or stones to make it sturdy. Gather the branches and place them in the vase.

Trace different leaf shapes onto card stock and cut out the shapes. Cut one leaf for each guest and then make a few extra, too. Choose card stock in colors that coordinate with the shower's color scheme or spray paint each leaf.

Make a hole through each leaf with a hole punch and thread a length of ribbon through each hole. Tie the ribbon ends together to make a loop.

Arrange the leaf-shaped tags around the vase and leave pens with the arrangement for guests to write their blessings, prayers and messages of well-wishing.


Be sure to explain to all the shower guests what the baby tree is in case it's the first time they're seeing one.