How to Lose Weight Without Parents Knowing

Lose Weight Without Parents Knowing

How to Lose Weight Without Parents Knowing. Sometimes parents can be overly protective and see losing weight, even a healthy amount, as a sign of an eating disorder or an unhealthy self-image. If you know you have a healthy image of yourself and you honestly could stand to lose a few pounds, doing so intentionally and secretively without your parents knowing is possible through good diet and exercise.

Keep your desire to lose weight to yourself. At times it can be hard to achieve a goal without talking about it to others. Learn to keep your goal present in your mind, take measures to meet that goal personally, but not talk about it. This can be a tough lesson to learn that depends on your personality.

Choose to do things the hard way. Park in the back of the parking lot, use the stairs instead of the elevator, do anything that makes you more physically active and burns more calories. Doing so will increase your energy level and become a self-propelling way keep you losing weight until you hit your body's natural weight.

Take smaller portions during family meals. Sometimes you don't have a choice on what you eat at home, and complaining about the food can be destructive to family dynamics. If what your parents serve isn't healthy for you or good for your body type, take smaller portions than you normally would. Get healthy, organic food when you have the choice.

Forget about all diet pills, fads and trends. If you haven't been going to the gym regularly, do so. Put more effort into gym class or join a sports team. The diet industry makes millions of dollars from teenagers who buy into their gimmicks. The only way to lose weight is through exercise and eating right.

Give up sodas and candy. These add a lot of unnecessary calories to your diet and do nothing for you nutrionally. If your parents ask why you're not eating them anymore, just say you don't like them or you've discovered they're not healthy for you. Remember not to mention that you want to lose weight.

Get a part-time job so that you can afford new clothes. If you have to tell your parents you need new clothes because the ones you have are too big, the gig's up. At some point, though, your clothes will look too big on you and you'll need new clothes. Having a job helps you avoid the clothing size talk by giving you the purchasing power to do it for yourself.