List of jobs that hire 15 year olds

It can be difficult to find a job when you are a 15 year-old. Labor laws have set restrictions on the hours and age a teenager can legally work. Many jobs that are able to hire teenagers require a work permit. Although it may take more time to find a job, there are many places that hire teens for seasonal, summer, full-time and part-time employment.

Theatre Jobs

AMC theatres hire 15-year-olds for various jobs. Teens can apply for positions such as busser, cashier, popcorn seller, dishwasher and usher. AMC theatres are looking for people with good customer-service skills, the ability to communicate and work effectively with moviegoers, and the ability to meet tight deadlines under minimal supervision. Although jobs for teens pay minimum wage, there are other advantages for working at AMC theatres. Employees are allowed to watch movies free of charge, with up to six guests and with free popcorn and soda, during working hours. They also have access to special movie screenings, free movie passes, health plans, and 401K plans. Although AMC theatres can hire kids as young as 15, teenagers may require a work permit, which they can usually get through their school. You can apply for AMC jobs online at the AMC website or in person.


Babysitting is a job that is tailor-made for teenagers. Teens as young as 13 can make money by caring for children. Sometimes parents may prefer a teenager to an adult, who may charge more for her services. Many teens begin babysitting for parents or family members. Networking and self marketing is very important for obtaining clients. Babysitters can put up flyers at their local church, supermarket, or library advertising their experience and services. They can also place ads in local newspapers or online classifieds. Another way to find work is registering at a sitter site such as Sittercity, which provides a directory that lets parents and job-seekers match up 1.

Grocery bagger

Bagging jobs at grocery stores and supermarkets are in high demand among teenagers. These jobs require little or no experience and may be available for full- time, temporary, and part-time workers. Supermarkets such as Kroger hire 15-year-olds who have a work permit. Most large grocery chains also provide opportunities for career advancement and benefits.

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