A List of Normal Teen Sleep-Over Activities

The classic sleepovers you had as a teen have not changed that much today. It's still an opportunity for teens to get together with their friends for some bonding, silliness, chit-chat and an all-around good time. If your teen wants to host a sleepover, help her plan one that includes all the traditional activities that still make a sleepover special.

Spa Treatments

Typical sleepovers with girls usually include some type of pampering such as giving each other manicures and facials. Generally, the host provides the nail polish and nail supplies, but the girls can also bring their favorite polishes. Some girls like to create their own facial masks ingredients in the kitchen, including avocados and bananas. Let them get as creative as possible; it can all be washed off in the end. Some teens like to give each other ridiculous makeovers, putting heavy make-up on and crazy hair styles, or they try to make them look like someone famous, just for fun. For an extra special sleepover, you can hire a mobile spa company that can come to your home and give manicures, pedicures and facials.


It wouldn't be a normal sleepover without snacks. Some teens just want to order in some pizza, but others prefer to have fun with their friends in the kitchen, making popcorn and other snacks. One idea is to have a popcorn bar, where the girls can fill individual bowls with popcorn and any type of toppings they like, such as:

  • traditional butter
  • salt
  • or for a sweet treat
  • melted chocolate drizzles over it

The teens can also make their own pizza. Other must-have snacks and treats at a sleepover include chips and ice cream and a ton of candy.

Games and Gossip

Common games at a sleepover over include playing Truth or Dare, the classic game where players must choose between answering a question, typically something embarrassing or that they don't want others to know, or doing some type of outrageous dare. Other teens like to play scary games such as Light as a Feather. For this game, one person lays flat on the floor with their eyes closed and everyone gathers around. Several variations exist, but one version has another teen telling a scary story about how the person died. After the story, everyone chants, "light as a feather, stiff as a board," repeatedly, while they try to lift the person on the floor. The point is to have the participants believe the person really is light and easy to lift because of the chanting. Some teens prefer to skip games altogether and would rather just talk or gossip about the social scene at school, such as who's dating who.

Watch Movies

Many sleepovers wind down with the a movie. Teens will likely not prefer to watch something anything less than PG-13. You can either provide options from the collection you have at home, or you can pick up movies from a movie rental store. Whether it is a chick flick or horror film, many teens try to stay up and not be the first person to fall asleep because a prank is usually pulled on that person, such as writing on the person's face, or putting her hand in a bowl of shaving cream. However, remind the teens to keep it light and harmless and to not do anything mean-spirited or in any way dangerous.