LEGO Castle Instructions

LEGO building blocks have been favourites with children for decades. While some LEGO sets are designed primarily for use in building any structure, there are also many sets that have a specific building design attached. One of the most popular design types since the 1980s has been the castle series of LEGOs. You can follow many pre-designed instructions for building castles, or you can create your own if you have the correct pieces.

Using LEGO Instructions

When you purchase a LEGO castle kit, you receive instructions on how to build that castle. These instructions are straightforward once you understand them, but it can take awhile to get used to the standard LEGO building process.

LEGO instructions typically are picture-based with no verbal explanations. They are methodical, and you will see basic building instructions for each step. Start with the first picture instruction (all instructions are designated by number). Look for the LEGO piece that is darker than the surrounding pieces, which is the piece you need to add for the step. Make sure you find all of the darkened pieces, because each instruction usually involves adding several blocks. If you are not sure where to place a LEGO block, count the number of raised connector bumps in the image to find its exact location.

Try not to miss any steps, and follow the instructions through to the end. Even if your castle does not look like much during the process, the LEGO instructions will create the desired effect in the end.

Finding LEGO Instructions

If you have an older LEGO kit or if you have a combination of pieces from several kits, you may need to find instructions. The best place to look is the Internet. The official site of the LEGO company offers instruction manuals online dating to 2002. Search for the name of the specific design you want, and then follow the instructions as detailed above.

If you can not find the instructions from the LEGO site, there are other sites that collect and detail LEGO instructions. Search for your specific instruction booklet, or browse the available instructions to find what you need.

Creating Your Own Castles

When you have built many LEGO castles with the official constructions, you may want to design your own LEGO castles. This can be extremely entertaining and fruitful, but there are some basic rules to keep in mind. Remember the LEGO instructions when you are building. LEGO bricks do not look like much on their own, and it is hard to see the finished product while you build. Diagram your desired finished product and then work backward to create a step-by-step guide for the building. Your result will be closer to your original goal than if you just try to build a castle without a plan.

You also need to keep in mind which LEGO pieces you have and which you do not have. If you do not have enough straight pieces to build a castle wall, you will never be able to finish your work. Try to build a castle smaller than the castle of your original LEGO kit, so that you will be sure to have enough pieces in the end.