Kolcraft Tender Vibes Bassinet Instructions

The Kolcraft company was founded in Chicago in 1946 when Leo Koltun began making playpen pads for the post World War II baby boom. He moved on to crib bumpers, crib mattresses and eventually portable cribs, strollers and baby carriers. The Kolcraft company is still family-owned, and is one of the largest baby product manufacturers in America. The Kolcraft Tender Vibes Bassinet is a small, travel bassinet that includes adjustable vibration to soothe infants to sleep.

Open the bassinet stand fully. Push the side locks down until they are straight across.

Insert the four locking wheels into the frame tubes on the bottom of the bassinet stand.

Attach the basket to the bottom of the bassinet stand by hanging the elastic loops on each corner of the basket on the screws at the top of the frame. Insert the basket rods into the bottom of the basket and attach to the stand. Spread the basket taut to each corner.

Reach into the bassinet bed. Unfold the support bars on the bottom until they are fully extended. Fasten all snaps on the bassinet cover to the hard base of the bassinet. Place the bassinet pad in the bassinet.

Open the locking attachment clips on the bottom of the bassinet bed. Place the bassinet bed on the top rail of the bassinet stand, balancing it on the U-shaped clips. Close the locking attachment clips securing the bed to the stand.

Unscrew the battery cover on the Tender Vibes electronics box. Insert 3 AA batteries. Screw the battery door closed.

Find the plastic bracket on the front of the bassinet bed under the open slit in the bassinet skirt fabric. Slide the Tender Vibes electronics box onto the bracket with the speaker facing the interior of the bed.

Snap the canopy ends onto the bassinet stand. Velcro the fabric from the canopy to the bed. Extend the canopy over the bassinet bed.

To turn on the Tender Vibes electronics, press the "vibrate" button. Press the "+" or "-" buttons to adjust the vibration speed. Press the "vibrate" button again to turn the electronics off.


Check that the bassinet stand is locked open, and the bassinet bed is clipped securely to the frame frequently.


To prevent falls, the bassinet should not be used once an infant can push up on his hands and knees or is 3 months old or weighs 15 pounds. To prevent suffocation or strangulation, never use extra mattresses, pillows, padding or comforters in the bassinet. Do not carry or move the bassinet when a baby is inside.

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