Kindergarten Activities With Red Circles

Kindergarten activities with red circles helps encourage children to learn about shapes and spatial relationships. These activities also encourage creativity. Furthermore, engaging kindergarteners in activities with red circles enhances hand-eye coordination, engages them in physical activity and improves their reasoning skills. Red circle activities also encourage children to follow directions.

Make an Object

After the children draw and color red circles, ask them to enhance their circles with flowers, strawberries, apples and hearts. After their shapes are complete, encourage the children to trade with each other as a gesture of good will and sharing.

Color the Circles

This activity provides the children with printouts of various shapes including circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. The child is asked to then color and identify the shapes. The triangles are colored yellow, the rectangles orange, the squares blue and the circles are colored red. This particular activity encourages the children to follow directions while teaching them shapes and colors.

Petal Power

The petal power activity is a fun arts and crafts project which engages children in making flowers out of red circles. Distribute paper red circles of various sizes, and then give the children another sheet of construction paper so they can arrange and glue the circles on to look like a flower. Use the red circles for the petals and green ovals for the leaves. Small yellow circles are used for the middle of the flower and straws or pipe cleaners make fine stems.

Target Toss

For the target toss game, cut out red circles and arrange them on the floor to look like a target or bulls eye. Ask the kids to throw bean bags at the target and the child who throws closest to the center target or bulls eye earns a point. You can decide on how long you want the game to and, and when it's over, the kindergartner with the most points is declared the winner.