How to Get Your Kids to Do Schoolwork Faster

The whining, the wailing and the dawdling at homework time is enough for you to make peace for a poor mark, but you know that doing homework is an important part of your child's education. If your child drags her feet every time she has an assignment, there might be a few underlying reasons that she's wasting time and avoiding her work. By prepping the proper area and hanging around to help, you can light a fire under your child's desire to get her homework done.

Find a dedicated area in your home where your child can get her homework done. There, you can organize all of the supplies she needs so she doesn't spend half of her homework time tracking down pencils and erasers. Having a dedicated space also helps your child's brain switch from playtime to homework time when she sits down to do her work.

Turn off all possible distractions so you don't waste time telling your child to stop staring at the TV. Televisions, phones, tablet computers and other kids can all break your child's concentration, so keep them off -- even for you -- until the homework is done. It helps if homework time is the same time of day so you can limit distractions and plan activities and appointments around the set-aside time.

Set a timer for homework time. This isn't meant to cause your child to speed through her homework and make sloppy mistakes, but to remind her that there's a definitive end to homework time. If she wants to go out and play or watch a favorite show, you can defer to the timer to let her know how much time she has left to concentrate before homework time is over.

Make yourself available during homework time, suggests Psych Central 3. It's tempting to use your child's homework time to catch up on emails or get some cooking done, but being nearby helps keep your child on task and gives her support if she needs help. Not understanding homework or seeing that she's unsupervised might give your child a free pass to dawdle and take longer than is necessary.

Show confidence in your child's ability to finish her homework in a timely manner. If she whines that she wants to go play, try "I know you want to play, but I also know that you can get this work done. Finish it up and you can go!" Be a cheerleader for your child's homework and she might get the motivation she needs to stay on task and get it done.