Jobs for Teenagers at the Age of 15

Even teenagers as young as 15 can find a job with part-time hours after school or during the summer. Typically, 15-year-olds are allowed to work when school is not in session between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. An exception to this is during the summer, from June through Labor Day, when 15-year-olds can work as late as 9 p.m 1.

Retail Jobs

Large and small supermarkets and convenience stores, including Safeway, Wegman's and Walmart, employ teens as young as 15. Employees may not be able to work in certain departments depending on their ages. For example, labour laws in some states prohibit teenagers younger than 16 or 17 from operating certain heavy equipment. Clothing stores also hire young workers. Retail jobs appeal to young teens because they will learn the ropes working for a professional company, but won't have an overwhelming amount of responsibilities 2. Parents can rest assured that their 15-year-old will find a job that's close to home since most areas have at least a few retail stores nearby.

Food Service

Several fast food chains, including Arby's, hire young teenagers. Cafes, including franchise cafes such as Starbucks, are also willing to employ young people. Restaurants sometimes hire young teens to work in the dish room or as a host or hostess. Food service jobs offer hours in the evenings, early mornings and on weekends, making it easy to coordinate a 15-year-old's work schedule around school and homework 1. Teens will also run into plenty of friends while working at a fast food restaurant, and while food service jobs can be tiring they can at times be fun.

Additional Options

Movie theatres, sports stadiums, camps and amusement parks often hire young teenagers to work during events. Fifteen-year-olds may be able to find a job in an office as a helper or assistant. Simple tasks can include filing and basic data entry using a computer. If you're aiming to have a summer job, start your search in the spring. Teens who want to start their own miniature business can offer services to neighbourhood families, including babysitting, dog walking or watching a neighbour's hosue when they are on vacation.


Teenagers who are 15 years old are not allowed to work in construction, mining or manufacturing jobs. However, this does not mean that these fields are completely out of the question. If you are interested in a construction job, for example, ask local businesses if you can volunteer your time. While you won't earn any money, you can start building your resume so you have experience to offer a future employer. These sort of companies may let you work in the office, further enhancing your experience. Also, think outside the box. You may be too young to drive a golf cart, but golf clubs may have room for you as a caddie. If you are interested in a field in which you are not legally qualified to work, consider writing paid freelance articles online about the field instead.