How to Install Training Wheels

Training wheels are an aid for beginning bicycle riders that helps them learn how to balance a bike and provides for safety and confidence as they are developing their skills. Properly installed training wheels will ensure that the rider does do some balancing of her own and does not rely on the training wheels at all times.

How to Install Training Wheels

Use the crescent wrench to remove one of the nuts that secure the rear tire to the frame of the bike. The axle of the tire will remain in the frame. You made need a second wrench to hole the opposing bolt on the axle.

Slide the training wheel assembly on to the bolt extending from the axle. The assembly mounts to the outside of the frame. There will be a slot in the assembly that fits over the bolt.

Replace the nut and tighten with the crescent wrench. Leave the nut loose enough to be able to slide the training wheel assembly up or down.

Repeat these steps on the opposite side. You will now have the training wheels in place and should have the bike sitting with it's wheels on the ground.

Adjust the training wheels so that they are slightly off the ground when the bike is standing upright. When one of the training wheels contacts the ground, the bike should be tilted a little to that side. Fully tighten both nuts.


Bike riders should always wear safety helmets and pads. Training wheels will not eliminate all falls.


If the training wheels are not adjusted properly, they will inhibit turning, which will lead to falls.