How to Install the Regalo Easy-Step Metal Swing Gate

The Regalo Easy-Step swing gate is recommended for children ages six to 24 months, and also works well for pets. Designed to keep toddlers from visiting certain areas of the house, the Easy-Step gate can be installed in a doorway, hallway or stairwell. The all-steel gate can expand from 29 to 36 inches and also features a six-inch extension kit. There are several varieties available including "Extra Wide" and "Extra Tall." All three gate models are installed using the same procedure.

Twist the adjustment wheels on each of the four threaded spindle rods so that the wheels are almost touching the flat heads of the spindle rods. Be sure not to twist against the flat heads or you may lock the adjustment wheels in place.

Insert the ends of the threaded spindle rods into the holes at the four corners of your gate. There are holes at either end of each steel crossbar along the top and bottom of your Easy-Swing gate.

Position the Easy-Swing gate at the desired location. Ensure that the bottom crossbar is flush with the floor surface.

Twist the adjustment wheels on each threaded spindle rod in a counterclockwise direction, thereby creating space between the wheels and the flat spindle rod heads. Twist the wheels on each side an equal number of turns to prevent your gate from becoming crooked.

Twist the adjustment wheels until the flat spindle rod heads press against the wall on either side of the gate. Adjust each wheel until all corners of the gate are pressed securely against the wall.


Failure to twist the adjustment wheels enough will make your gate weak and prone to toppling. However, twisting the adjustment wheels too much can damage your walls. If your gate can withstand 10 to 15 pounds of horizontal force from your hand, your gate should be able to handle the pushing force of your toddler.


Ensure that your gate is securely installed before relying on it to keep your children safe.