Inside Play Activities for Toddlers in Oak Harbor, Washington

Oak Harbor, situated on Whidbey Island along the shores of the Puget Sound, is just two hours north of Seattle, Washington 4. This vibrant and progressive community is home to around 22,000 residents, as of the 2010 census. If you live in Oak Harbor or are planning a visit with your toddler, you'll find an array of inside play activities for your little one, for days when the weather isn't ideal for outdoor play 4.

Get Your Toddler Moving

Sign your toddler up for a class in the area, to get him moving. At Leaps and Bounds Dance and Tumbling Center, LLC (, your toddler can participate in the Tumbling Tadpoles class 1. Parents are encouraged to participate in this class, in which toddlers explore the tumbling stations, learning how to go up and down the stairs, solve problems, share and take turns, and improve gross motor skills. Or, check out Moving and Grooving, Inc. ( Your tot can join the Tumble Fun class or Fun for Two, for singing, exercises and developmental activities, with you by her side 2. Fit and Fun is a kids-only class with exercise, music and play time.

Educational Activities

Oak Harbor has some educational activities for toddlers to participate in as well 4. Visit the Oak Harbor Public Library (, where your child can join some of the free programs available 34. One Size Fits All Storytime is for children preschool age and younger, along with a parent. It includes stories, music and activities, with a new theme each week. Read to Me, Miss Pam is an event for kids three and under, with stories and sing-alongs. You can also take your child for educational activities at Moving and Grooving, Inc. ( 2. Choose from the Messy Fingers art class or Terrific Two and Threes, with art, painting, themes and circle time.

Water Play

Take your toddler for some indoor water play, any time of the year, at the John Vanderzicht Memorial Pool ( This indoor facility features a heated lap pool, small children's pool with a ball swing and inflatable octopus, and a hot tub. You can take your little one to one of the open swim times to play or sign her up for one of the Aqua-Tots swim classes through the American Red Cross.

Indoor Playspace

Take your family for some indoor play time at the Convergence Zone (no website; 3535 North Princeton, Building #2510, Oak Harbor; 360-257-2432) 4. While there, you can do some bowling, play some games or kick the soccer ball around with your toddler. There is also an indoor playground, along with a toddler play area with climbing features where your child can run, climb and play to use up some of his excess energy. Your family can even grab a bite to eat at this recreation center.