Indoor Places to Take Toddlers in Southern New Hampshire

Southern New Hampshire is home to a variety of family-friendly venues to entertain your toddler - even when the weather prevents outdoor activities. Choose from options such as teaching your toddler a new skill at Merrimack Karate, relaxing during story time at your local library or taking your child out for an afternoon of entertainment at Bravo Pizza 8.


Cultivate your child’s interest in reading by visiting a library in southern New Hampshire. Sign up for a library card to check out children’s book you can bring home to read. The Bedford Public Library offers events for toddlers during the week 12. Mother Goose Story Time and Toddler 2’s Story Time are hosted weekly, but you must register to participate. Children’s Castle is a drop-in story time activity for toddlers. The Derry Public Library updated its children’s area in the facility 12. Take advantage of the toddler area and story times for indoor entertainment.


YMCA locations of Greater Manchester offer a variety of indoor activities for your toddler 34. The different branches offer camps for toddlers, classes and daycare. Visit the Downtown Manchester YMCA and take a swimming class with your toddler 4. If you want to work out, the facility also offers child care for up to 2 hours. YMCA Allard Center has day camps, child care and a variety of classes for toddlers, such as swimming lessons and gymnastics 3.

Pizza and Games

Take your toddler out for pizza and stay for games, rides and indoor playgrounds. Chuck E. Cheese has a location in Manchester that provides inexpensive entertainment 5. Admission is free and each game only costs 25 cents or less. The venue also offers food and beverages options, such as pizza, fountain beverages, a salad bar and buffalo wings. Bravo Pizza -- located in Milford -- provides indoor entertainment. In addition to games and prizes, the venue has an indoor climbing area and ball pit. The large menu offers kid-friendly foods, such as pizza, hamburgers, French fries and pasta.


Enroll your toddler in a class that provides instruction on learning a new skill, entertainment and interaction with other kids. The Belinda Bridgeman Academy -- located in Merrimack -- offers an assortment of toddler classes and instruction 7. Enroll your child in dance class or a modeling and pageant training classes. Merrimack Karate has classes for all ages 8. The Little Ninjas class was created especially for toddlers and children in preschool. The karate classes are designed to teach children balance, focus, coordination, teamwork and self-control.