How to Improve Your Child's Appetite: 10 Useful Tips


If you are having problems staying fresh and smelling clean all day, you may like this tips that I wrote down. All of them are practical and some might say that its common sense, but I just went ahead and wrote it down incase you have forgotten them or have taken them for granted. I have written lots of helpful tips in my blog, I would like to invite you all to check it out: BookOfTips.BlogSpot.Com.

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Have meals on a regular schedule.

Serve food in small helpings.

Vary the food that you serve. Pay particular attention to food preparation and presentation for extra appeal. Add new foods one at a time and at start of meal.

Allow 30 to 40 minutes for each principal meal.

Do not force the child to eat if he does not feel like eating. He'll eat when he gets hungry.

Do not scold the child during mealtime. Do not stress table manners with young children. Good table manners will develop later after the child acquires a better attitude toward food.

Limit carbonated drinks, candies and snacks in-between meals. A child can be hungry only when he has not eaten 2 hours before a principal meal.

Set the example with good family habits. Parents and child should eat together as much as possible. Do not mention your own food preferences. Maintain pleasant table conversation. Avoid distractions during mealtime, such as carbonated drinks, candies, TV, radio, toys, etc.

Take your child to visit the doctor and dentist for regular check-ups. This is advisable in order to avoid some diseases and to maintain body resistance. Show the child that the doctor is his friend who will help to keep him healthy.

When prescribed by your doctor, give vitamins to your child regularly. Vitamins help to increase appetite and stimulate growth and energy.