Ideas for Teenagers to Make Extra Income

Entering the working world gives teens new perspectives on responsibility and service. It's essential that teens find ways to earn extra cash that fit their personalities and don't interfere with their school schedules and assignments. Teens learn essential life skills when they earn their own money including time management and budgeting, which are skills that they'll utilize and appreciate as mature adults.

Babysitting and Tutoring

Teens who have younger siblings or just love working with small children, can consider doing some babysitting. A dependable and responsible babysitter is typically in demand. Your teen might want to use fliers to advertise her babysitting services, but if a teen is a hit with the kids, keeping them engaged, and parents come to trust her, she'll find new jobs, as well as retain families as clients, simply through word-of-mouth recommendations. If your teen is good at math, reading or another subject, she might want to consider tutoring. She can tutor her peers or tutor young children who need assistance with their studies. She can advertise her services at schools, libraries or use fliers 2.

Assist Neighbors

A teen often has a wealth of resources for income opportunities right in the neighborhood. He can run errands for neighbors or provide lawn care. However, if your teen is going to use his own mower to maintain a lawn, remind him that he has to consider the cost of gas for the mower and other tools before setting his rate. Raking leaves, shoveling snow and pulling weeds are other ways he can help maintain the property of neighbors throughout the year. Doing a good job can help him "grow" his business.

Sell Items

Most teens like to stay on top of current fashion trends, which means they can sell unwanted clothing online or at yard sales. Help your teen look through her closet to find clothes that no longer fit or that she doesn't wear anymore. Keep in mind that she shouldn't price items too high because shoppers purchasing used items are typically searching for bargains. If your teen considers herself fairly creative, she can design and sell crafts as well 2. Perhaps, she can create fashion accessories like belts or jewelry and sell them at craft shows or online. She'll need to find a niche -- and adjust the selling price according to the time she spends crafting as well as the cost of her materials.

Work for a Company

Retail stores and restaurants often hire teens and provide training. Once a teen scores a position, she shouldn't work too many shifts, as it could interfere with school assignments. It's essential that teens who have regular jobs learn to maintain a work-study balance. If your teen is totally into fashion, working for a retail store might also mean discounted merchandise, which is a definite perk. However, spending all her earnings on fashion is a downside to such a position. Restaurant servers depend mostly on tips, which can add up to large amounts. If your teen gets a job as a server, encourage her to develop a friendly rapport with customers to increase her earnings.