How to Use Cloth Diaper Pins & Plastic Pants

The idea of pinning a cloth diaper might scare you as a parent. But using a diaper pin is very easy, once you done it a few times. You can also use your hand to avoid sticking the baby with the pin. Plastic pants are a tool that can be used in conjunction with cloth diapers if you child is a heavy wetter. Plastic pants are also very helpful when potty training toddlers.

Secure your baby to your changing table or place the baby on a changing pad on the floor.

Remove the soiled diaper and clean the baby's skin using a baby wipe.

Place the fresh diaper underneath the baby's bottom. Double check that there are wings on both sides of the diaper. This side of the diaper should be underneath the baby's bottom.

Bring the diaper up in front of the baby. It should rest around the stomach line.

Hold the front of the diaper and bring the first wing across. Using the hand holding the front of the diaper, grab ahold of the wing and hold it snuggly. Slide two of your fingers between the diaper and the baby. Slide the diaper pin through the layers of the diaper but not all the way through. Bring the tip of the pin back up and secure it through the locking head. Repeat this process on the other side.

Put on regular underpants on your child.

Pull the plastic pants over the underpants. The leg openings should be snug around the upper thigh to reduce any leakage.

When it is time for your child to use the toilet, pull down the plastic underpants, pull down the regular underpants and have your child use the toilet.


Use diaper pins that are intended for cloth diapers. Stick unused diaper pins in a bar of soap. It will create a film that will make it easier to slide the pin through the diaper. Rubbing the pin on your hair will create the same effect. One pair of plastic pants should be enough for one day, unless they are soiled. To wash the plastic pants, place them in a pot of hot water with a mild detergent.


Always air-dry plastic pants. Do not put plastic pants in the dryer; it will melt the plastic.