How to Make Mohair OOAK Doll Wigs

Mohair is the long, silky hair of the Angora goat and was the most common material used in wigs of all kinds before the introduction of plastic-based hair. Mohair can be purchased in shanks of hair or still attached to skins. Mohair wigs are commonly used in the making of one-of-a-kind dolls (OOAK) because they are easy to handle and style 1. The texture and natural curl of mohair allows the doll maker to create truly special doll wigs.

Remove all of the doll's hair. Use scissors or pliers to remove any rooted hair so the head is completely clean.

Cut a piece of cling film and carefully wrap the doll's head. Check that the cling film is smooth against the doll's scalp and without wrinkles. Secure the cling film firmly around the neck of the doll with a rubber band.

Cut a piece of cotton cloth large enough to cover the entire doll's head. Hold the cotton cloth in place with a second elastic band. Check that the cotton cloth is smooth and without wrinkles.

Mark the outline of the wig cap with a fabric marker. Find the doll's hairline with your finger and trace along the edge.

Paint the craft glue on the wig cap using a small artist's flat brush. Apply several thick coats and allow to dry thoroughly.

Remove the wig cap once it is dry and hardened. Cut the wig cap free from the rest of the cotton cloth with a pair of sharp scissors. Discard the rest of the fabric but leave the cling film in place on the doll.

Check that the wig cap sits tightly against the doll's head. Make several stitches in the back of the wig cap near the neck of the wig cap to tighten it and help it fit snugly against the doll's head.

Place the wig cap back on the doll's head using a straight pin to hold it in place while you are creating the wig.

Cut strips of mohair pelt. Gluing them to the back of the bottom of the wig cap. Add thin layers of mohair pelt across the back of the wig cap so that the hair is layered. Continue until the back, sides and front of the wig are covered.

Add individual pieces of hair at the top of the wig to give it a realistic appearance. Cut individual strands of hair and glue in to the top by the "root". Have the hair fall naturally to the back or side if there is a part. Allow the wig to dry thoroughly before attempting to style it.

Remove the wig from the doll's head to add individual hairs around the edge of the wig that frames the face. Allow to dry.

Trim and style the hair as desired using small rollers, a warm curling iron and a light cover of hairspray.


Use craft glue to hold the finished wig in place on the doll's head or, if you would like to make changeable wigs for your doll, use several straight pins to hold the wigs to the doll's head. Using this method to make wigs allows you to experiment with long and short wigs as well as fantasy colours and looks. Mohair takes spray hair colour very well. Check with your local hair salon supply stores for colour sprays and pens. If you cut the fringe too short or trim a little too much from the back, glue in a new piece of mohair, allow to dry and style the wig again.


When making the wig cap be sure to leave openings for the ears.