How to make a toy tractor

Children enjoy playing with toys that represent the world around them, such as farm sets. Farm sets often include a barn and assorted farm animals. You can add to these sets by making all kinds of farming equipment, including tractors. A toy tractor can be made with only a few materials and basic tools right in your home workshop. Start by making a basic tractor, and as your skills improve, you can tackle more complicated farm equipment projects.

Draw the outline of a tractor on the 25-by-150-by-200 mm (1-by-6-by-8-inch) board . The length of the tractor should take up the 200 mm (8-inches) of the board. The height of the tractor should take up the 150 mm (6-inches) of the board. Draw a 75-by-75 mm (3-by-3-inch) square at the bottom back corner of the tractor on each side; this is where you will place the rear wheel hubs.

Cut out the outline of the tractor with a scroll saw. Slowly feed the wood through the saw.

Place the 25-by-75-by-75 mm (1-by-3-by-3-inch) boards on the bottom back corner of the tractor at the portion you marked for the rear wheel hubs. Align one board on each side of the tractor body. These are the rear wheel hubs.

Apply wood glue to the area where the hubs join the tractor body. Clamp the hubs to the body. Wipe off any glue that oozes out. Allow the glue to dry. Remove the clamps.

Sand the tractor assembly with fine-grit sandpaper. Sand with the grain of the wood to avoid scratching the surface of the wood.

Paint the tractor assembly with craft paints. Add as much detail as you would like for the toy tractor 1. Allow the paint to dry before continuing.

Align the 50 mm (2-inch) wheels at the front of the tractor and the 62 mm (2 1/2-inch) wheels in the centre of the rear wheel hubs. Screw the wheels to the tractor by inserting the screws through the centre holes in the wheels. Leave the screws loose enough so that the wheels spin freely.


Add an eye hook to the back of the tractor. Make a wooden attachment for the tractor to tow, such as a hay wagon.


Wear eye protection when working with wood.