How to Make a Toy Pirate Ship

Pirates on the high seas have interested boys of all ages for generations. Little boys like dressing as pirates and playing pirates. There's no better symbol of a pirate than a pirate ship flying the Jolly Roger. Learn how to build a toy pirate ship your child will play with and treasure for years to come.

Build the body of the ship with craft sticks. They are ideal because you can break or cut them into any length you need and they hold together well with Elmers glue. Decide how long and wide you want your pirate ship to be. 6" x 12" is a good size. It's a good idea to use flexible twigs glued together to form a pirate ship structure and then glue the craft sticks to the twigs. The twigs provide a useful guideline and add support to the structure of the ship's body.

Glue the sides of the ship together first, and then cut or break craft stick pieces to form the plank deck of the ship. Glue the deck in place and let it dry for an hour.

Cut two or three ragged square pieces of sheet material and draw or paint the Jolly Roger (skull and crossbones) on the sheet pieces. Cut the pieces about 3" x 5". These pieces will be your sails.

Glue two or three 6" sticks, about the size of a straw, to the deck of the pirate ship. These will be the masts that hold the sails of your pirate ship up. Glue strings from the top of each mast down to the deck. These are the ropes that raise and lower the sails. Cut tiny holes into the sails and tie the strings through the holes.

Break or cut craft sticks and build a square structure about 2" x 5". Glue this structure slightly to the front of the ship's centre. This is the wheelhouse of your pirate ship.

Paint or stain the entire ship to give it a wood look. You can set it with clear water-resistant seal, then add lacquer or paint. The darker brown you use, the more realistic the pirate ship will be.