How to Keep My Infant's Hair From Falling Out in the Back

It is perfectly normal for infants to lose their hair during the first few months of life. The growth cycles of the hair during this age goes through fluctuations and can lead to hair loss. Other factors can cause hair loss in infants and you can take some preventative measures to keep them from losing hair in the back of the head. If you suspect a medical condition, like a nutritional deficiency is causing the hair loss, speak to your pediatrician.

Use a mild baby shampoo. When washing his hair, use a shampoo formulated for babies. This can keep from irritating the scalp and causing cradle cap.

Rub a small amount of mineral oil into flaky and dried areas of the scalp. Flaky pieces of skin indicate that the infant is suffering from cradle cap. Cradle cap is a type of rash that can lead to hair loss by inflaming the hair follicles. Treat the condition by massaging a small amount of baby oil into the scalp.

Give her plenty of tummy time. Spending too much time on her back can cause her to lose hair in the back of her head. Tummy time also helps her strengthen neck muscles and prevent SIDS. Always supervise her during times that you place her on her stomach.

Switch up the direction that you put him down for sleep at night. Alternate the direction that his body is facing each night to keep him from losing hair in the back. He’ll naturally move his head to point out towards the crib, so it prevents him from lying in the same position for too long.

Position her with a sleep wedge. If you happen to use a sleep wedge for your baby's bedtime, you can lay the infant to the left, right, or back to prevent hair loss 12.

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