How to Get a Roommate to Stop Snoring

If you're living with a snoring roommate, your sleep may be compromised. If you've tried earplugs, putting a pillow over your head, and sleeping in the living room, you may feel that your only other option is moving out. Instead, open up the communication and discuss the problem with your roommate. Together, you and your roommate can determine a way for both of you to get a better night's sleep. Although you can't force your roommate to see a doctor, you may be able to express how much her snoring is bothering you.

Confront your roommate about his snoring. Your roommate may be unaware that he snores. He might have no idea that he is keeping you up at night. Instead of blaming or accusing your roommate, explain that he snores and ask if he has ever done anything to remedy the problem. Ask your roommate if he would consider trying a remedy for his snoring.

Run a humidifier if you and your roommate share a bedroom. A humidifier is available for purchase at drugstores. It releases water vapor into the air. If your roommate's snoring is caused by a dry throat, a humidifier will help lubricate the throat and minimize the snoring.

Instruct your roommate to sleep on her side 3. If you are in the middle of a sleepless night due to your roommate's snoring, gently tap your roommate and roll her onto her side while she is sleeping. Your roommate's airway may be narrowed when she lies on her back, causing her to snore, says

Offer nasal strips to your roommate. You can purchase nasal strips at the drugstore or grocery store. Nasal strips open the nasal passages, which may minimize snoring.

Suggest that your roommate's alcohol intake may be the culprit. If your roommate frequently drinks alcohol, his vocal folds may relax, causing snoring. Although you cannot control your roommate's drinking habits, he may not know that his drinking is causing his snoring.


Buy your roommate an extra pillow to elevate her head, which may reduce snoring.


If nothing helps, your roommate might need to be tested for sleep apnea.