How to detect the early signs of pregnancy

If you think you may be pregnant and you would like to know the early signs of pregnancy read this article. This article will help you detect most of the common early signs of pregnancy.

Determine if you are eating more than you usually do. Even in the earliest stages of pregnancy women tend to have larger appetites. Do you find yourself hungrier more often than normal? You may not be eating larger amounts but you may want food more often. If this is the case this may be one of the early signs of pregnancy.

Remember how often you get heartburn. If you do not normally get heartburn but you are now starting to get it, this is also one of the early signs of pregnancy. Heartburn in pregnancy is very common and most women do suffer from it in pregnancy.

Check your jeans or slacks. Are they fitting the same or are they getting tighter? Even in the early stages of pregnancy these are one of the signs that you may be pregnant. Most women assume that they will not gain weight so early on but that is not always true.

Notice if you have been more lightheaded lately. Due to the extra vitamins and minerals that your body needs to sustain a baby you may begin to feel lightheaded or disoriented. Some women even can’t seem to concentrate as much as they used to. Thankfully it eventually ends. At about the six-week check up after giving birth things should restore back to normal.

See if you are vomiting or getting nauseous for no apparent reason. Most women attribute nausea and vomiting to either a migraine or being pregnant. If you find yourself running to the bathroom with your hand over your mouth it may be a virus but it may also be that you're pregnant.

Everyone is different so these signs of pregnancy may or may not apply to all women. Some women may experience all of the signs and some women may only experience a few. Some signs may have a lesser intensity for some women and be more intense with others. If you are having any one of these symptoms, set up an appointment with your obstetrician to have a blood test taken to confirm if you are indeed pregnant.


Always check with your doctor when you question any unusual symptoms. Get regular prenatal care as early as possible. Always take all prescribed vitamins and medicines prescribed by your doctor. You can purchase an EPT test at a dollar store. They are just as effective as the more expensive ones.