How to buy a Baby Think it Over doll

Baby Think It Over is a computer programmed baby "simulator." It is an educational aid designed to instruct people about the realities of parenting. The product line was discontinued in 2007, therefore only used dolls are available to buy.

Product range

The dolls come in both genders and in a range of ethnic appearances including Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African and Native American. Accessories include a nappy bag, a stroller, a car seat, clothes and a birth certificate.

New dolls

Baby Think It Over is a trademarked brand name by RealityWorks Inc. in Wisconsin, USA 2. The company no longer provides replacement parts or product support, but printable operating instructions are available at the RealityWorks website 2. As of 2010, the company made a different doll with similar purpose called Real Care Baby.

Used dolls

eBay has a regular supply of used Baby Think It Over dolls for sale. Local and national classified ad sites are also worth looking at.