How to Build Up Sperm Count

Maybe you're ready to start a family and have been trying for months to conceive a baby. But your efforts have fallen to the wayside. At this point you may be wondering if there is something wrong with your manhood, yet you're not ready to visit your doctor. Never fear, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of conceiving by increasing your sperm count.

How to Build Up Sperm Count

Check your weight. According to the Mayo Clinic, when you are overweight, you throw your reproductive hormones out of balance 1. This can reduce your sperm count and your chances of conceiving. To determine your proper weight, see the resource link below.

Reduce your stress. Too much stress can reduce your sperm count. To increase your levels, implement stress reduction techniques such as meditation, deep breathing and yoga. The more relaxed you are, the higher your sperm count will be.

Stay out of the heat. The experts at the Mayo Clinic state that water with a temperature of 102 degrees or higher, such as hot tubs or baths, can decrease your sperm count 1. They go on to state that saunas and steam rooms may also have the same effect.

Wear loose clothing. Tight clothing, such as underwear, can increase your scrotal temperature; the higher your scrotal temperature, the lower your sperm count. Instead of briefs, choose boxers. You should also avoid using laptops when possible, as the heat from the computer contributes to the heat of your scrotum.

Leave the steroids behind. Even if your goal is to build the biggest set of muscles this side of the Atlantic, don't use steroids to make it happen. Anabolic steroids are not only illegal in most cases, they cause your testicles to shrink and result in a decreased sperm count.

Take a break. You need to allow your sperm time to build up after ejaculation. If you are suffering from a low sperm count, refrain from sexual intercourse and masturbation for three days for every ejaculation you have.