How to Build Star Wars Stuff With Legos

You can build all sorts of cool "Star Wars" stuff with Legos. The "Star Wars" universe contains aliens, droids and spaceships of every description. The design of your "Star Wars" Lego creation is only limited by your imagination. Learn how to build a "Star Wars" Tie Fighter like the one Darth Vader flew. The building techniques can be applied to any kind of "Star Wars" Lego stuff.

Build the wings out of long and flat Lego pieces. Connect them together with other long and flat Lego pieces lying across them at right angles. This makes the wings sturdy. Decorate the wings with different coloured Legos in various designs.

Construct the base. All "Star Wars" Lego spaceships need one. This is the platform on which you will build everything else. Use wide flat Legos. If you are building a Rebel X-wing Fighter, make the base long. If you are building an Empire Tie Fighter, make the base round.

Craft a cockpit for the pilot. Build walls up the sides of the base. Use thin Lego blocks no more than one dot wide all around the compartment. Be sure to interlink the Legos when building each new level. This makes the "Star Wars" spaceship strong so that it won't fall apart easily. Also build arms out to the side to hold the wings. This can be done with regular Lego blocks extending out from the cockpit, or special Lego blocks that have dots sitting at right angles to the others (as in the photograph). Use whatever you have available.

Enclose the cockpit with a roof. Make sure that there is enough room for a "Star Wars" character if you plan to use one to pilot your "Star Wars" Lego spaceship. The roof of the cockpit should be made with flat Legos. Try to use the same configuration that you used for the base in reverse. Use smooth angled Lego pieces on top of the roof to give the "Star Wars" spaceship a sleek and rounded appearance.

Place your "Star Wars" pilot inside the spaceship. If you built the cockpit correctly, he should fit inside perfectly.

Finish your "Star Wars" Lego spaceship with the cockpit canopy. This can be any piece of Lego windshield. Most Lego sets come with clear pieces, so if you have a few sets you should have a selection to choose from. Any clear piece will do. Choose one that looks like it belongs in a "Star Wars" movie.