How teens can find a job

Teens can find part-time or holiday jobs in a variety of fields, from retail to customer service. Many employers actually prefer to take on teenagers for jobs where a high turnover is expected. Also, employers that hire teens are accustomed to working around the school day. UK law stipulates that the youngest age a child can work part-time is 13 and, for full-time work, the minimum is the school leaving age 1. Teenagers should always visit the place they want to work and ask to speak to a manager face-to-face. They should be prepared to interview and, if necessary, fill out an application form on the spot.

Shop work

Teenagers can visit local shops, especially ones that market to younger customers. Shops often hire teens, especially for weekend work and at busy times. Accessory shops that market to teenage girls, and shoe shops that market to teenage boys are good places to find part-time work. Big supermarkets may also hire youngsters to work at weekends, after school and during the summer holidays. Check with your local newsagent and put your name down for a daily paper round.

Fast food

Fast food chains often take on teenagers and may have opportunities for advancement. Teenagers can start off at one of these jobs and get valuable training and experience in handling cash and providing customer service.


Teens can check local council websites and leisure centres to see if there are job opportunities for lifeguards, cleaning or caretaking work. Some of these jobs are seasonal gigs.


Cinemas are a great place for teenagers to work, where jobs as ushers, cleaners or manning concession stalls are sometimes available. Some cinema companies also offer full-time job opportunities in the long run, so teenagers can become assistant managers or work in other supervisory roles.


Teenagers should visit local hotels, amusement parks, museums and zoos to find jobs that may be available. These types of tourism spots always need housekeeping, gardeners, cleaners and sales assistants.

Child care

Working as babysitters and nannies is also a good starting point for teenagers looking for a job. Teens can advertise their services online or through flyers.


Teenagers should check school websites for jobs, because some schools hire teenagers to work after school in various sports coaching roles or as part of work experience programmes.


Restaurants often hire teenagers to work as waiters, waitresses and kitchen hands. An added perk of this type of job is the cash tips.

Pet care

Teenagers can find jobs at local pet shops, or open their own mini-businesses by walking dogs or feeding fish and cats for people who are away on holiday.