How Parents Can Help Children Improve Writing at School

One of the most important academic skills a child can acquire is writing 1. Being able to write well and concisely can help a person to succeed, both academically and in the job market. And as with other subjects learnt in school, writing skills can be improved when integrated into a child's home life 1. There are many things that parents can do to encourage a love of writing in their children and to provide them the regular practice they need to become proficient in this area.

Buy a selection of writing materials for your child. Notebooks or blank journals, different colours or kinds of papers, and a selection of coloured pens or markers can all help to make writing seem fun and exciting, particularly for a younger child.

Set an example for your child by writing yourself 1. If your child sees you writing on a daily basis, whether it's a story, a letter, an e-mail or even something as simple as a grocery list, they will be more apt to follow in your footsteps.

Encourage your child to keep a daily journal. Whether she just records what she did for the day or writes about her thoughts and feelings, this will help her to get into the practice of writing something on a regular basis.

Write a story. Have your child tell you a story and then write the story down. This will help him learn about the parts of the story such as the beginning, the middle and the ending. It will also help him learn how to organise his thoughts and put them in writing. You can also have him illustrate the work and put it into book form to show and display. This will help him to take personal pride in an original work that he created.

Read a book. Depending on the age of your child, you can either read to her or you can encourage her to read independently. Reading not only exposes your child to different writing styles, but it also demonstrates proper grammar and sentence structure.


Keep any criticism constructive and focus more on content than grammar and spelling. Sometimes being overly critical can discourage your child from writing.