How Do You Strap a Newborn Baby Into a Pram?

When being moved about in a pram, a newborn needs to be able to recline at least 130 degrees from the horizontal. For safety reasons, a pram often has several straps that you need to attach before you head outside. A pram with a five-point harness has straps that go over the baby's shoulders, around her waist and between her legs to prevent her from falling. The harness usually has a buckle in the middle, to which you connect all the straps.

Lay the baby in the pram in a reclining position, at least 130 degrees from the horizontal position. Until it is at least three months old, your baby cannot safely sit up 2.

Pull the strap underneath the seat up to the level of the baby's waist. It usually has a centre buckle to which you connect all the other straps.

Hold the ends of the straps from the left and right side of the seat. Run the straps over the baby's waist and connect them to the side slots of the centre buckle.

Take the two straps attached to the top of the seat. One strap is located near the baby's left shoulder and the other is located near the baby's right shoulder. Bring the two straps down over the baby's shoulders and connect them to the top slots of the centre buckle of the five-point harness.

Hold the wrist straps on both sides of the pram. Loop each one around your baby's wrist and insert the end into the buckle, or position the two ends so that the parts with the Velcro overlap. Only some prams have wrist straps.