How Can I Get Discounts on Baby Things If I'm Having Twins?

Giving birth to twins is a challenging feat for any mother but when bills start to roll in to provide the necessities to care for the infants, the challenge intensifies. Having twins fills your heart but can drain your wallet, so take advantage of freebies and discounts available to parents of multiples to save every penny you can 3. Although it can be time consuming, taking the initiative pays off.

Write a short letter including your name and mailing address, requesting the one-time coupon gift for parents of twins or multiples from the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, which makes Huggies brand diapers and wipes 1. You must include proof of birth by making photocopies of the children's birth certificates with the letter.

United States Residents write to:

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Department QMB

P.O. Box 2020

Neenah, Wisconsin 54957-2020

Canadian residents write to:

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Department QMB

50 Burnhamthorpe Road West

Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3Y5

Gain valuable Pampers and Luvs coupons by photocopying the twins' hospital discharge papers and sending them with your name and address to Proctor & Gamble. Cover any sensitive information such as the babies' social security numbers or very personal information with a thick black permanent marker. Send the packet to the following address and to receive Luvs coupons and change the address heading to "Luvs Multiple Birth Offer."

United States residents:

Pampers Multiple Birth Offer

The Proctor & Gamble Company

P.O. Box 599

Cincinnati, Ohio 45201

Canadian residents:

Pampers Multiple Birth Offer

The Procter & Gamble Company - Toronto Ontario

P. O. Box 355, Station A

Toronto Ontario M5W1C5

Obtain free formula samples and valuable coupons by telephoning customer service representatives with Gerber, Similac, Enfamil and Carnation. Jarred baby food coupons are also available when contacting companies such as Beechnut and Gerber. Speak to them about your multiples to gain double the discount and samples. Although you can sign up for coupons online, which is required for some companies, other sites do not have a "multiples" option, which means you may only get the discount coupons for one of the twins -- speak directly to a representative to obtain them for both of your children. You may be asked to verify the twins by sending, faxing, or scanning and e-mailing birth certificate copies or discharge papers. Also ask about any new parent programs involving quarterly parenting publications and coupons for each stage of development. Obtain free juice coupons through Ocean Spray for your little one by contacting their customer service department.


BayValley Foods

Beech Nut Baby Food

P.O. Box 763

Horsham, Pennsylvania 19044-0763


Similac: 1-800-232-7677

Enfamil: (website registration):

Carnation Good Start Formula Nestle Infant Nutrition


Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania 18703

Phone: 1-800-782-7766

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

One Ocean Spray Drive

Lakeville-Middleboro, Massachusetts 02349

Phone: 508-946-1000

Fax: 508-946-7704

Get your hands on free and discounted infant supplies such as Playtex and Evenflo bottles, nipples and holders and Playtex Diaper Genie cans and refills. Fisher Price offers coupons for families of twins.

Playtex Diaper Genie ($7 rebate):

Playtex Products

20 Troy Road

Whittany, New Jersey 07981


Evenflo Bottles, Holders and Nipples:


1000 Evenflo Drive

Canton, Georgia 30114

Phone: 1-800-356-2229

Get free products and discount coupons for toys, entertainment and other miscellaneous supplies from The First Years, Blairex Laboratories (Butt Paste Brand ointment), Scott Paper Company (Baby Fresh and Wash-a-bye Baby), Triaminic through Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Sassy, Inc. Write or call the firms to learn of the included free items. Birth announcements in the newspaper, discharge papers or birth certificates are common proof of multiple births to be sent to the companies to take advantage of their discount programs.

The First Years:

Learning Curve

Attn: Multiple Birth Program

100 Technology Center Dr. Suite 2A

Stoughton, Massachusetts 02072


Blairex Laboratories Inc.

1600 Brian Drive

P.O. Box 2127

Columbus, Indiana 47202-2127


Scott Paper Co.

Attn: Consumer Relations

Front and Ave. of States

Chester, Pennsylvania 19013


Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Triaminic): 1-800-543-7957

Sassy, Inc: 1-800-323-6336


Offers may change or may be discontinued, so double-check the multiple birth program with each firm by telephoning them or inspecting the website before writing and sending proof of birth.