Horse Stable Projects for Kids

Children are often fascinated with horses due to their attractive coats, soft eyes, gentle nature and athletic abilities. Some young horse-lovers have their own or leased horses, others have collections of horse models or other toy horses, and most probably enjoy crafts with horse themes. Encourage imagination and crafting skills by helping your young horse-lover get started on building a suitable home for the herd 1.

Diorama Stable

Using a shoebox, a child can create a diorama representing a stable 1. Have him cut pieces of brown construction paper to fit the interior and exterior of the box. Next color them to resemble the wood walls, and then paste them to the box. A drawn pair of horseshoes might be cut and pasted to the back wall for good luck. Line the stable's floor with straw, which your child can create with shredded, yellow paper, dried grass, or if available, real hay or straw. If he doesn't have small enough toy horses or wants to make the diorama a permanent art piece, print out pictures of horses from the internet that he can color. Leave a base at the bottom of each horse for folding under in paper doll fashion. Have him cut out the horses, fold under the bases, and stand them in the stall, pasting the base to the floor. Ensure your child uses scissors appropriate for his age and ability.

Wooden Stable

Crafts sticks or ice pop sticks can be transformed by your child into a horse's stall. Provide a shoebox or tissue box for the stable base. He might remove one side of the box so that the stable has an opening. Then using school-type glue, he can attach the ice pop sticks vertically around the sides of the box. After the glue has dried, add pieces of straw or dried grass and miniature bales of hay -- purchased from a craft store or made -- to the box's bottom. To complete, he can place miniature, toy horses inside and give them miniature water buckets and faux carrots. If a craft-store trip isn't on the horizon, help your child create accessories from household and found items.

Scenic Stable

If your child like's to draw, he can use his artistic skills to create a horse's stable 1. Supply poster board along with coloring and drawing tools. Assist him if needed in drawing the inside of a stable on poster board. He can then add artistic depictions of the items commonly found in a horse's stable such as saddle, bridle, hay, water buckets and horseshoes. Then he can draw a horse or two and create mane and tail by pasting pieces of yarn on to the horse. If your child prefers, instead of drawing the horses, he can cut out pictures of horses from a magazine and paste to the poster board. Add a fence with ice pop or craft sticks glued across the bottom of the scene.

Cardboard Stable

A cardboard box can be transformed into a horse's stable for your kid's stuffed horse animals. Have him turn the box over and cut off all the box's flaps. Be sure the scissors used are age-appropriate and safety rules are followed. Cut a semi-circle out of one of the box's sides for an opening large enough for a stuffed toy horse to fit in. Then, have him create a name plate for his horse and paste it above the semi-circle. Yellow yarn can be added inside to resemble straw. He can use stickers and other art supplies to decorate the box to make the stable more realistic. Let him run with his imagination.