Homework Activities for Preschool Children to Go With the Letter L

Preschoolers study the alphabet, building their letter and sound recognition skills. While learning about the alphabet in preschool aids in kindergarten preparation and emerging reading skills, preschool children need to learn through play. They benefit by hands-on learning activities that will keep them engaged while still building language skills. Take-home worksheets don't work well with this age, forcing teachers to get creative with assignments they send home.

Photo Book

Preschoolers have a fascination with photography, always wanting to take pictures and see pictures of themselves instantly on a digital camera screen. To reinforce the sound a letter L makes, ask preschool children to take pictures of items in their home that begin with this letter. When finished snapping pictures of ladybugs and lights, the students can help their parents print out the pictures and glue them into a letter book. Preschoolers will enjoy this challenge and take charge of their learning while building on phonemic awareness.


To practice writing skills, preschoolers can trace the letter L with different mediums at home 1. Invite them to trace the letter in backyard dirt with a stick, in flour on a table top with their fingers or in a shallow pan of shaving cream or paint. The preschoolers can then practice tracing the letter L with finger paints onto a blank white paper, giving them something to bring back to class. This activity will allow preschoolers to strengthen their writing with a sensory learning experience.


A take-home recipe assignment makes for an effective way to work with the letter L. Preschoolers can work with parents at home to make a dish that begins with the letter. They might even try to find a dish that represents their heritage, which presents an opportunity for a lesson in diversity and culture. While making the recipe, preschoolers will practice math and science by measuring and mixing different ingredients. They can then bring in a dish for a letter L preschool potluck.


Preschoolers can make a letter L collage at home to reinforce their awareness of the look and sound of the letter L. Invite children to sort through magazines, art supplies and cupboards at home, looking for items and pictures of items that begin with the letter. Once they have a nice little collection, students can glue with a nontoxic school glue objects such as lace, licorice and pictures of lions onto a piece of construction paper. They can finish by drawing the letter L all around the collage, strengthening fine motor skills and practice writing.