How to Handle a Promiscuous Teen

Teen promiscuity involves casual sexual relations or contact with multiple partners, according to the Columbus Girls Academy 1. If you learn your teenager is engaging in promiscuous activity, you're likely alarmed. Ramifications of teenage promiscuity can follow a teenager throughout life. As you parent a promiscuous teenager, it might take every ounce of strength, patience and ingenuity to handle the challenges that are sure to result.

Speak to your teen calmly about his risk-taking activity. Because this can be a highly emotional discussion, prepare yourself so you can remain calm and objective. Tell your teen you’re concerned about his activities and you need to discuss some issues with him.

Delve into some basic safety issues with your teen. Tell him you’re concerned about several issues connected with promiscuous behavior, but the top two are sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. According to the Aspen Education Group, about 1 million teen pregnancies and 3 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases occur every year.

Listen to your teenager’s response to your comments. You’ll likely receive a defiant or antagonistic response, especially if your teen is using promiscuity to gain attention or as a weapon against parents. If the response is negative, count to 10 and stay calm so you don’t follow your teen’s lead and react negatively.

Tell your teenager that because you are concerned about her health and the choices she’s making, you must insist that she see a doctor to evaluate her health and to provide ongoing health care. Make this a nonnegotiable point -- your teenager must see a doctor for a physical evaluation and continue under the physician’s care while she’s engaging in this behavior.

Call a school guidance counselor for care recommendations for your child. You might need your child to see more than one professional -- a physician with experience treating teens as well as a therapist or crisis counselor who can provide assistance to your teen and the rest of the family.

Follow-through and make appointments with the appropriate professionals for your child. Ensure that your child keeps appointments. Again, this is a nonnegotiable requirement.

Ensure that your child receives birth control protection to protect against an unwanted pregnancy. Depending on the type of birth control, your teen’s age and your state’s laws, you might need to be involved in your child receiving a birth control prescription.


It's likely that you are also concerned about emotional issues resulting from teenager promiscuity. A professional counselor or therapist can help your teenager weather emotional issues.