Graco Quattro Tour Travel System Instructions

The Graco Quatro Tour travel system integrates car and home travel for babies 1. The system includes a stroller, an infant car seat and a car seat base that remains in the car. The stroller accommodates babies up to 22.7 Kilogram, and has a three or five point harness that grows with the child. The car seat is safety rated for front and side impact. The seat has a five-point restraint and a removable infant support cushion.

Lay the stroller body on the ground with the handle facing up. Pull the handle upwards and the stroller unfolds. Continue pulling, until both sides of the stroller lock into place.

Locate the double front wheels in the pieces. Place one front leg of the stroller into the hole between the wheels in one set. Listen for the wheel to snap into place. Repeat with the other front leg.

Push the axle through the back legs of the stroller. Press the plastic wheel hub into the centre of the back wheels. Slide the hub onto the axle followed by a washer and secure with a cottar pin. Place the Graco hubcap into it's slot over the cottar pin.

Slide the parent tray onto the handles. Locate the locking pins on either side of the handle and lock the tray into place. Snap the storage compartment onto the top of the handle and press the bottom pegs into the parent tray.

Slide the child's tray onto the hinge on the left side of the stroller. Press the locking pin into the hinge and slide the tray into pace. Rotate the tray in front of the stroller, until the other side snaps into place. Feel for the locking latch that allows the user to raise the tray for easy access to the child.

Hook the upper straps of the five point restraints onto the waist strap of the three-point restraint. Lock the waist strap -- with the upper straps attached-- into the crotch strap of the restraint system. Choose one of the three sets of slots in the back of the stroller. Slide the buckles of the upper straps into the slots.

Rotate the latch in the centre of the handrail and push the handle down, to fold the stroller.

Place the infant car seat into the stroller facing the handle. The back latching mechanism of the car seat locks into the child's tray of the stroller. Push the stroller canopy back to the handle and pull the car seat canopy over. Release both latches on the side of the car seat, to remove the seat from the stroller. The latches reside just below the area where the handle attaches to the seat. Rotate the latch away from the seat. Pull the handle on the back of the car seat and lift the seat from the stroller.

Lay the car seat cover, over the car seat. Make sure that the cover does not interfere with the restraint harness. Thread the elastic band on the top left and right hand sides of the cover, through the holes on the car seat. Pull the elastic around the handle and hook it onto the plastic notches just below the handle.

Place the base of the car seat in the car. Thread the seat belt through the hole on the side of the base. Slide the belt under the tab at the back and pull the belt through the hole on the other side. The belt can be threaded both right-to-left and left-to-right, depending on the placement of the base.

Test the base to make sure that the belt is tight, and the base is secure.

Place the car seat on the base and press the seat into the base until it clicks, locking the seat in place. Press the buttons on either side of the handle and rotate the handle back. To unlock the seat, press the buttons and rotate the handle forward. Reach behind the seat. Pull the handle in the centre of the back and lift the seat from the base


Wash the metal and plastic parts of the car seat and stroller with child-safe cleaners. Launder the pads and seat covers on delicate and air dry.


Never place a child in a car seat without buckling the belts securely.