Graco Pack N Play Bassinet Instructions

The standard Graco Pack n' Play play yard with a removable bassinet is an easy way to ensure that your baby has a comfortable, safe place to sleep while traveling, whether that is across the country to visit Aunt Myrtle for a few weeks, or just over to Grandma's house on the next block for an afternoon. However, to ensure baby's safety the product must be set up and used correctly. The suggestions offered here will help make sure your baby is snug and safe.

Setting Up the Frame

The trickiest part of the Graco Pack n' Play is getting the frame set up properly. The sides must be properly locked BEFORE pushing the floor flat. Simply grasp the oval-shaped buttons in the middle of each rail and pull it up until the bar locks on both sides. Then push the round disc in the middle of the floor down until it locks into place. In reverse, you must pull the middle of the floor up before the side rails will unlock to fold.

Adding the Bassinet

Once the frame is properly set up, the bassinet can be added. The plastic sides of the bassinet simply snap over the side rails of the frame, one piece on either side of the oval-shaped button in the middle of each rail. Then, the solid flooring rectangle is laid directly in the bassinet to give it some form.

Safety and Use Considerations

Be sure that everything is securely in place before laying the baby in the bassinet, and remember to take all the standard sleeping precautions (i.e., no pillows, tuck blankets into the bottom, DO NOT leave baby unattended, etc.).

It is also very important to consider the size and abilities of the baby. If your baby can sit up by herself, it is not recommended that you use the bassinet, as there is a serious risk of the child falling over the side of the bassinet onto the floor and sustaining injury. Additionally, if your child exceeds 15 lbs., it is unsafe to use the bassinet.

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