How to be a Good Man

This is an article on how to be a good man

Step 1) Good men make real decisions--they don't waffle. Whether it's committing to a certain ideal, committing to a change in career, or deciding to quit drinking alochol/doing drugs, good men make the decision that needs to be made and stick with the outcome whether its favorable or not

Step 2) Good men don't second guess themselves constantly. Only weak men second guess themselves constantly. Good men are aware that not all goals will come to fruition, but good men seek that goal come hell-or highwater.

Step 3) Good men aren't swayed by the crowd; good men trust their instincts. It may be that your entire family wanted you to be a doctor, but you knew deep down in your heart that you should be teacher--good men follow their heart-centered path.

Step 4) Good men are honest. This is the most crucial quality of a good man. If a man is deceitful, he is not a good man. This comes into play in relationships, business, and all of life.

Step 5) Good men work hard. This is the most practical asset of a good man is that he is willing to work 70 plus hours a week while other weaker men are resting to achieve his desired goal.

Step 6) Good men are respectful to women, don't gossip, and raise their children right (i.e. good men raise their boys to be men).

Step 7) Good men know the value of discipline and are willing to make the necessary sarcifices to ensure the satisfaction of a goal.

Step 8)Good men keep the company of older good men as mentors; good men shed the friendships of lesser weaker men.

Step 9) All in all, good men are guided by their inner code which may at times stifle a good man from the luxuries of the material world. To a trully good man, the only test of his manhood is himself.