How to Get Jobs for Teens in Movie Theaters

Your teen really wants to work and you are trying to come up with jobs that are safe and secure. A job in a movie theater would be in an enclosed area with security on site and often there are several interesting positions from which to choose. The hours are primarily during evenings and on weekends, except of course, in the summer. Working with your teen to select the perfect job with the right hours and benefits will teach him the basics of seeking employment in the future.

Positions Available

There are several entry-level positions often available for teenagers in movie theaters 1. Cashiers sell tickets in the front ticket booth and give customer info on current films. Concession stand employees sell simple food items such as hot dogs, popcorn, candy, sodas or other snacks and also may have several cleaning and set-up duties. Ushers help patrons find a particular theater, locate their seats and generally keep an eye on the individual theaters where films are shown. Film crew positions involve running the movies on time and maintaining and storing film equipment.

The type of position your teen is eligible for depends on what is available and the hours he would be able to work. For example, if he has a great personality and loves talking to people, selling concessions may be perfect for him.

Locating the Jobs

Most chain movie theaters (several theaters owned by the same company) require individuals to apply online. Smaller, individually-operated establishments often still have paper applications at the site, or your teen can simple ask to speak to the manager during off-hours. Ensure to check the age requirements. For example, AMC theaters start hiring at age 18. If your teen is younger, check for employment at theaters such as Cinemark, Carmake and Malco 1. These chains hire employees beginning at age 16. Talk with the manager of an independently owned theater to determine any age-limit restrictions.

After finding the open jobs, help your teen narrow them down to those that fit his skill level, school schedule and personality.