Fun Print-out Activities for Kids

Raising kids in the age of the Internet brings a wealth of resources to parents, caregivers and teachers. With an Internet connection and a printer, you can easily access print-out activities that educate and entertain. Whether you're searching for fun ideas to keep kids happily occupied or looking for specific educational activities, print-outs from the Internet are an expansive resource 2.

Paper Crafts

Help kids experience the fun and pride of creating an item of their own with paper crafts based on printable templates. Spoonful offers themed printable craft templates, including holidays, characters and transportation. Kids can even build their own paper Christmas train or a complete barnyard scene. After printing the templates, have kids cut them out and fold along the dotted lines to create the shapes. At Nick Jr., kids can create a variety of paper toys, like pinwheels, flip books, finger puppets and origami, with some of their favorite characters.

Lacing Cards

Kids can choose from more than two dozen images on Activity Village to print and make lacing cards 1. The cards require some assembly, so involve kids at every step. Let kids choose their favorite cards to print onto thick paper or card stock. Have kids carefully cut out their images. Young children may need help with the cutting. Laminate the cards and then use a single-hole punch to place holes all around the shape, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the card's outer edge. Provide a shoelace or thick yarn with reinforced ends for kids to lace through the holes on their pattern. Or, visit the Minieco website to print out sewing cards, including the sun, a flower and a lion 3. Then, use a hole punch where instructed and help your child lace yarn through the holes.

Print-out Games

Keeping a stash of games you can play with a child is a good idea for rainy days, long car rides or whenever you want to spend quality time together. Activities for Kids offers over a dozen printable games, including connect the dots, word searches and "happy face," a version of "hang man" without the hanging 25. You will also find a selection of games for kids of all ages at Family Education 4. Search by age, category, or keyword. Games include "Pretty Postcards," "School Daze" and "Car Trip Fill-in-the-Blank."


Mazes offer kids the fun of a challenge while also helping develop spatial perception skills. At Print Activities, you can find nearly 100 mazes organized by themes, ranging from holidays to fairy tales or sports 2. You can even find letter-shaped mazes for each letter in the alphabet. All Kids Network also has some fantastic printable mazes for your kids, including an Easter maze, dinosaur maze, and USA maze 25.