Fun Places to Take 3-Year-Old Kids

With a 3-year-old kid generally having a short attention span, taking him to fun places requires specific children’s destinations fitting his age. Whether an indoor or outdoor location, it is important that the place a child explores is colorful, interesting and will keep him engaged.

Farms, Zoos, Aquariums and Other Attractions with Animals

Three-year-old kids can go to farms, zoos, aquariums and marine sanctuaries where they can see a variety of animals. Various states house such attractions catering to many animals situated in man-made or their natural habitats. Children generally find it appealing to watch and even interact with animals around indoor or outdoor play structures and parks. At such an age, they can already enjoy the sights typically seen in dinosaur parks, horse tracks and piers as well.

Children’s Museums and Libraries

Taking 3 year olds to museums specifically geared toward their very young age allows them to interact and enjoy the sights and sounds of diverse exhibits. Children’s museums generally have audio and visual stimuli that keep kids occupied and in awe of their surroundings. Many of these children’s museums also feature interactive exhibits, book-themed areas and storytelling spots. Community projects at local libraries and play areas with exhibits focusing on the young audience also abound in a number of local destinations across the United States.

Amusement and Theme Parks

Getaway ideas through amusement and theme parks are hits for 3-year-old kids because of their feast-like atmosphere and attractive sights and sounds. From Disneyland to Legoland to Nickelodeon Suites Resort, children can find amazement when seeing their favorite cartoon locations and watching festivals set in these amusement- and theme-park locations. They can also enjoy dining out while sitting beside their favorite cartoon characters and watch 3-D shows and fireworks in the middle of fantasy lands and castles.

Beaches, Lakes and Water Parks

Water attractions including beaches, lakes and water parks are ideal destinations for 3-year old kids. For beaches and lakes, families can play with the sand and the waters, go fishing and swimming, hunt for star fish, watch hermit crabs, seals or even whales, while enjoying such picturesque natural locations. They can also take a boat ride, ferry or cruise and enjoy taking photos of the seas and its rich marine life from a boat or ship. Meanwhile, water parks make it easier and safer for children to enjoy pools and many kid-friendly water sports and other water-based recreational activities.