Fun Personality Test for Kids

The True Colors Personality Test theory dates back to Hippocrates' assertion that there are four distinct patterns of human behavior. There are several versions available of the True Colors Personality Test 1. It can be a fun way for parents and teachers to identify the personality traits of children.

Orange Children

Children with orange personalities tend to be active, entertaining, competitive and good multi-taskers. They often need freedom to express themselves, attention, stimulation and excitement. It is important to provide these children with hands-on activities, variety and choices.

Blue Children

Blue children are usually friendly and helpful at home and at school. When they are at their best they demonstrate kindness, cooperation and are considerate of those around them. They show a need to be accepted and included, as well as treated with compassion and warmth.

Gold Children

Children who have gold as their strongest color are generally reliable and well prepared for tasks. You will notice that they are organized people who follow rules and model good behavior for others. These types of children need to know about plans ahead of time and often thrive when given responsibility and structure.

Green Children

Think of green children as the problem-solvers in a group. They are usually independent, tenacious and confident with a good sense of humor. They approach life from a logical and analytical vantage point. These children need space to think and plan, stimulation and challenge.