Fun Games That Make Kids Fall Asleep

By Wannikki Taylor
Fun games will help your child drift away.
Fun games will help your child drift away.

Your child needs a sufficient amount of sleep at night to function properly at school. Poor or inadequate amounts of sleep can lead to mood swings and behavioral problems that impact a child's ability to learn in school, according to the National Sleep Foundation. As a parent, you can help your child fall asleep by preparing fun games that will get him on the road to sweet dreams.

Muscle Relaxation

Engage your child in a muscle relaxation game to help her feel sleepy. Have her lie down in her bed and close her eyes. Softly talk her through tightening each muscle of the body, holding it and then releasing it. For example, you may say, "Make two fists with your hands and squeeze. Count to 10 and now release them." Start from the top of her head and end with the tips of her toes to relax each part of the body. By the end of the game, she will be relaxed enough to drift off to sleep. Eventually, she will be able to do it on her own without your assistance and can use the technique when she's sleeping away from home.

Scavenger Hunt

Your child will unknowingly be getting ready for bed with a scavenger hunt. Hide all his bedtime items around your home. Make sure all the hidden items are en route to his bedroom. Start off by hiding his slippers in the living room, his toothpaste on the stairway, his pajamas in the bathroom and so on. You can make little notes along the way as to where the next item is hidden. The last location will be his bedroom where he will find his favorite bedtime story on his bed. At the end of scavenger hunt, he'll have all the proper items he needs for sleep and be tired out from searching the house to find the items.

Bedtime I Spy

A calming game will encourage your child to rest her mind and get ready to retire for the night. Have her play a game of "I Spy" with you as she lies in bed. Find an old family photo album. Look through the pages together and have her find specific items. Softly tell her what you would like her to find, such as "Find Grandma in a polka dot shirt" or "Find Mommy making a pizza." Alternatively, you can play the game by having her find specific toys around her bedroom, such as saying, "I spy something brown with a funny hat." She can point to the toy she believes you're talking about.

Goodnight Everyone

Saying "goodnight" is a way to tell someone to rest peacefully through the night. Instruct your child to lie down and close his eyes and say "goodnight" to everyone he loves to prepare him for sleep. Let him start by saying "goodnight" to you and his favorite teddy bear. Then he can say "goodnight" to each person in your household, extended family members that live near and far and his friends at school and teachers and so on. Before you know it, he will find that the list of people he has to wish "goodnight" is quite long and drift off to sleep in the process.

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