Foods to Avoid Gas When Breastfeeding

Each and every baby is different, and for this reason what may cause gas in one breastfed baby may not cause it in another. In general, a mother need only concern herself with eating a healthy, balanced diet while she is breastfeeding. That being said, if you notice your baby is gassy there are some foods that are more likely than others to be causing the gas. Avoiding these foods may eliminate the problem.


Certain vegetables are known for causing gas in some individuals. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, corn, onions and red peppers can cause gas. Certain acidic fruits can also cause gas in breastfed infants such as tomatoes, oranges and lemons.


Dairy products can also cause gas in some babies. This includes cheese, yogurt, milk, cream and ice cream. If you have a family history of lactose intolerance you may want to try lactose-free dairy products while you are breastfeeding 12. Many people are also allergic to eggs, so if your baby is having a problem with gas you may want to cut them out of your diet as well.

Beans and Nuts

Beans and nuts may cause gas in breastfed infants. They may also be a source of allergens which can also contribute to gas. Try avoiding soy, tofu, peanuts and other nuts, as well as beans such as kidney and pinto beans.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can cause gas in some breastfed infants. This would include foods cooked with garlic, pepper, red pepper and any spice that adds heat to a dish.

Iron Supplements

Breastfeeding moms often take vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure that their baby is getting a nutritionally complete diet 1. Iron supplements can cause constipation in breastfed babies, which contributes to gas.

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