How to Fly Fast Lane RC Proton Helicopters

Fast Lane's Proton radio-controlled, or RC, helicopter is a 3-channel model aircraft 1. These plastic helicopters are co-axial design, meaning they use a pair of main rotor blades that spin in opposite directions. They simplify the complex nature of RC helicopters to make it easy for pilots of all skill levels to fly. You should learn how to navigate your Fast Lane Proton helicopter to minimize the risk of aircraft damage during the first few flights 1.

Turn on the transmitter and the helicopter, then place the aircraft on a level, wide-open space. The transmitter's power switch is in the center of the device, while the helicopter has a power switch on the bottom of the fuselage.

Move the left joystick up to increase the aircraft's thrust. Raise the throttle to lift the helicopter vertically into the air, then reduce the thrust by slightly lowering the left joystick to level out the helicopter at an altitude of around 3 ft 1.

Move the right joystick left or right to direct the helicopter's nose 1. Use the right joystick to fly the helicopter forward or backward by moving the joystick up or down, respectively 1.

Combine the influence of the three channels -- Up/ Down, Left/Right, Forward/ Reverse -- to fly the helicopter in any direction you wish 1. Practice flying figure-8s or circles to improve your control over the helicopter 1.

Land the aircraft by gradually reducing the throttle by using the left joystick. As the helicopter approaches the ground, slightly increase the thrust to reduce the impact of the landing 1.