How to Entertain an 8 to 11 Year Old

Entertaining the boys and girls of today takes a real diligence. The center is not around them creating their own idea of fun, but rather something else entertaining them. I have some good thoughts to entertain an 8 to 11 year old boy or girl.

Surprise can be a wonderful element with and 8 year old right into the age of 11 years old. Now grant you, it has to be something worth while to label it a surprise. Pay attention to what they have been playing with their friends. If it is a combat type video challenge, the paint ball game can be the prize and the surprise for both boys and girls. I know some girls that are more competitive than their counterparts. Take the entire family or do a one on one with a child.

School related and yet nothing to do with school can be entertaining for most ages. If the new introduction in one class is a certain new found history exploration, consider this for a focus. Museums of all types are there for the asking at your fingertips. Google a desire and "poof" you have your options both near and far.

Hiking is not just for the summer anymore. Choose the terrain, campsite or yurt and have that bonding with your son or daughter for one night or more. Local places are sometimes willing to give a really great rate if they are open on off seasons. Check the local spots if you just want a day trip together.

Scavenger hunts are so much fun anytime. Plan one out and invite as few or as many people as you want to be responsible for at the event. The prize is not near as much fun as the episode itself. You might consider anything as the final gift. Your children will love the adventure and talk about this for years to come.

Ask you son or daughter what they would like to do if they had their way for a day. Have them list 10 things so you can look them over first. This might just be a "tell me time" until you plan this entertainment for them in the future. Let them know you want to listen to their likes so the list will be information for you.

Shoot some hoops, play a baseball game, buy a hoola hoop at the local department store and play some activity they might never think you might take part in with them. Leave the business for a day, turn off the cell phone and be a kid yourself. You can still be the parent when you return back home after this entertainment.


So much emphasis is on TV, video games, movies, and the like it is time to take our children back a little.