Educational Preschool Songs

When your little one comes home after a busy day at preschool, boasting about the songs that her teacher had the class sing during circle, keep in mind that early childhood music activities are much more than simple child's play. While the songs your child sings at school -- and even the tunes she hums at home -- might seem simple, they can enforce educational objectives such as learning letters and numbers.

Everyday Education

Parents can turn daily actions and experiences into educational songs. While singing about grocery shopping for milk and cereal or going to the gasoline station might not seem educational, the more music that a child has in his life, the more sensory-rich his environment is, according to the child development experts at KidsHealth. A sensory-rich environment helps create more pathways in the brain, according to KidsHealth. Additionally, singing about everyday experiences can help your preschooler learn vocabulary words and make discoveries about his family, home and community.

Letters and Literacy

While books are an obvious choice for an early childhood literacy lesson, educational songs can also help to teach your little one about the alphabet. One of the, if not "the," most well-known letter-based educational preschool song is the "A,B,C Song." This song can help your child remember the alphabet in order and recite it back to you. Beyond learning the letters, the National Association for the Education of Young Children notes that songs can help educate preschoolers on their native or home language 2. This can include vocabulary development and ways of speaking.

Numbers and Math

Instead of just counting on her fingers, your child can use music as an easy math activity. Favorites such as "This Old Man" and "Five Little Monkeys" can help your preschooler learn about counting in a sequence. Continue to the sing these, and other, songs daily to help your child to recall the numbers. Another option is to make up your own counting song or turn a basic addition problem -- such as 1 + 1 = 2 -- into an uptempo tune.


As your preschooler learns science concepts about the environment, animals, plants and chemistry, he can add to his understanding by singing themed educational songs. Earth and space science songs such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" can extend the learning into a more artistic pursuit. Help to increase your child's bio-based vocabulary with a few animal songs such as "Old McDonald" or "Mary Had a Little Lamb" or make up your own songs about plants, flowers and her favorite feathered or furry friends.